• Due to the unpredictables, shortage of supplies and labor issues, we can no longer guarantee pricing and availability of items on our menu. Please contact us at (337) 839-9333 if you need an update on a menu Item. All menu items are subject to changes.

      • Steaks

        ADD To Any Steak: Grilled shrimp $6 Sauteed Jumbo Crabmeat $8 Cracked Pepper Dimi-Glaze $5 Crabmeat Au Gratin $10 Au Poivre Noir $5 Menu items and prices could change without notice.

      • Filet Mignon

        Filet Mignon

        Tenderloin Felit USDA CHOICE wrapped in bacon, 8-10 ounces.

      • New York Strip

        New York Strip

        USDA PRIME New York Strip, 16 ounces.

      • Rib-Eye Black Angus Choice

        Rib-Eye Black Angus Choice

        Rib-Eye Black Angus Choice, 16 ounces.