• È di famiglia

    "It runs in the Barreca family"

    Nash Barreca is a third generation restaurateur from New Orleans where he began his culinary career working in his family's famous Barreca's Restaurant. He learned to fuse the flavors of the ancestral recipes of his grandfather Frank and father Nash Sr.'s homeland of Italy with the exotic cuisine of the Creole's.  Nash quickly learned how to satisfy the pickiest and most educated palates of New Orleans and soon Epicureans from around the world frequented the famous Barreca's to savor the culinary delicacies.

    Nash has imported this exquisite blend of cultures to Acadiana.  In the quest to marry these flavors into works of art he and his wife Jenny searched for the most beautiful atmosphere to showcase his plates of perfection.  Combining complicated flavors with the freshest of indigenous ingredients from Louisiana, Nash has nurtured his love of cooking to position himself as one of the most creative chefs of the area.

    At Nash’s there is something for everyone with over 50 menu items, all local favorites and served New Orleans style.  Favorites include Veal Orleans, Veal & Spinach Cannelloni, Soft-Shell Crab Lafayette, Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Grilled Amberjack and Angus Cut Steaks grilled to perfection!


  • Acadiana Culinary Federation Chef of the Year

  • People's Choice Award "Best Restaurants and Most Romantic Places to dine in Lafayette"

  • Third Generation Restaurenteur